Bonjour à TOUS, La SAINT JEAN est férié en Espagne, à cette occasion nos partenaires industriels, ainsi que nos bureaux seront fermés. Merci de votre compréhension.

About us

UNIVERS HOME SOLUTIONS: Created in 2010 under the power of collaboration of some companies.

Its foundations o reasons to exist are quite simple: Quality of products and services - innovation and research of novelties- sales and customer services.

Our knowledge of the market since 15 years allows us to survey the evolution of the product, also the market's and consumer's demands.

Our goal is to bring to our customer an optimal and competitif service-products pack wich will match with the requirements.

To reach it , we have the support of:

  • Manufactures wich hear their customers and have a willingness to invest.
  • An excellent level of products quality, delivery times and reactivity.
  • An integrated sales management department wich will take care about your orders.
  • An independent sales-team, close and passionate about his work.
  • Some tools wich will get easier your tasks thanks to new technologies. Orders tracking, downloads, and offers realization on-line.


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UNIVERS HOME SOLUTIONS is a young company created in 2010 by three Young people who have a clear vocation of service and innovation.

Contact telephone:

09 75 12 28 23

09 70 40 65 06